Why the Journal of Terrorism and Cyber Insurance Exists

This is a central and open repository for news and knowledge specifically focused on terrorism insurance. The material is for educating readers in the subject, informing them of new developments, and assisting them in making judgements on terrorism underwriting, broking, and risk management.

For professionals working in terrorism insurance, there is a lack of a ready source of relevant written technical information to deepen understanding and enhance knowledge. Especially for those new to terrorism insurance, getting a grasp of the subject can be daunting. Unlike natural hazards, terrorism is not a subject often studied at college or included in training courses. Similarly, whilst the literature on terrorism has expanded enormously since 9/11, very little of this is of direct interest or practical relevance to terrorism insurers. Furthermore, because terrorism risk is a niche area of insurance, it is only superficially covered in the insurance literature. Hence, a Journal of Terrorism Insurance.